Local music gains momentum

FSC commuter student Michael Gadman has added his talent to the Trailer 4 House Band.

By Jason Pacitti

A strong local music scene is important in any college town, and it seems Fitchburg is beginning to find its tune. Trailer 4 House Band has been gaining fans and momentum on campus with the addition of student members to the group.
T4HB originated at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH with original member Skye Perry, Russ Viola, and Jeff Anderson. Anderson has since transferred to FSC and brought the music with him.
Michael Gadman, a local commuter who has been playing bass since high school, joined the band in 2009, adding to their rock/pop/reggae sound.
 “I ‘m really happy to be in this band,” Gadman said. “It’s really been a great experience to play with these guys. Hopefully we’ll be doing some big things.”
The band also picked up a permanent drummer, Jared Lajoie, for their recent gigs and in the studio. This new combination of members has allowed the band access to a college hungry for original content, and they don’t disappoint.
 T4HB has become a staple at FSC-sanctioned events, which has helped the members hone their craft. The new members’ ability to gel so quickly has granted them the opportunity to play bigger venues such as the Lucky Dog in Worcester. They have just finished a stint in the recording studio and are currently mastering songs for their upcoming album.
“We’re really excited about our new album,” Anderson said in a recent interview. “We believe with the blending of all of our influences, we will reach a bigger audience; by going over the boundaries of stereotypical genres, we are able to reach more people.”
To listen to some of their tracks and learn more about the band, visit their Myspace page at www.myspace.com/trailer4houseband.