Psych yourself up

By Delilah Green

Get involved in academic clubs!

When you first started at Fitchburg State University, were you given any guidance as to how you could get more involved during your college experience? Fraternities and sororities are advertised everywhere around campus with flyers, promotions, and cool clothing to represent the organization. Many smaller academic clubs, like the Psychology club, seem to keep a lower profile.
The Psychology club meets every Monday at 3:30pm in Percival Hall.  You do not have to be a psychology major to join; the club is open to all students. “I would love to see commuters join the club because I feel like most students that join clubs are residents. We need a diversity of commuters and residents to make the club stronger,” says Stephanie McCluskey, president of the Psychology club.
The club is interested in promoting awareness of mental health and raising money for a variety of causes. Last fall, they participated in the Suicide Prevention walk in Boston. They’re planning to repeat the walk this year, and take part in an Autism walk. Members are also hoping to sell baked goods and other products to raise money towards these important causes. McCluskey joined the club in Fall 2009 after seeing a flyer promoting a benefit walk for suicide prevention. “Whenever I would mention the Psychology club to other students, they were surprised that there was even an academic club like that on campus,” McCluskey says.
As of right now, there are roughly seven members but they are hoping to recruit more to gain extra support and more brainstorming power. The club has plans to make flyers, t-shirts, and host a game night on campus so people will become more aware of the club and what it has to offer to students. The Psychology club is working hard to accomplish a lot this year and with the help of more member recruits, their goals can be achieved.
To join a club, simply show up for a meeting or contact the club’s advisors. You can reach the Psychology club’s advisors, Laura Garofoli and Colleen Sullivan, by e-mail at [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. If you’re interested in other clubs on campus, visit the Student Clubs and Organizations webpage at and get involved.