Falcons look to soar high with volunteer book drive

By Katrine Marrone

The Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference’s (MASCAC) Student Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC) will be meeting to take part in the MASCAC SAAC volunteer project held annually. This year’s volunteer project involves collecting school supplies for children who have fallen victim to domestic violence. As part of FSU’s contribution to the project, SAAC members will be collecting children’s books at all Falcon home games from March 28 through April 2.

“The book drive is a great opportunity for our campus community to provide much needed assistance to Massachusetts children who are affected by domestic violence,” says Michelle Walsh, the faculty advisor for SAAC. “I am proud that our student athletes will be leading the charge on such an important endeavor.”

Earlier this year, committees from every MASCAC school were asked to offer an idea for a community service project that could be put into action across all the campuses that would later be voted on. Salem State University came up with the idea to have each school collect one type of school supplies, to be compiled into backpacks for children who have suffered domestic violence.

All books will be delivered to Salem State on Sunday April 3, where many student athletes and children from across the state will be meeting to have a day filled gift-giving, sporting events, and games. Senior softball captain and SAAC member Lauren Donell will be on hand at Salem State to help deliver the collected materials to the children. “It’s a great opportunity to help those in need and we’re hoping that all of the FSU community can offer their support,” says Donell.

To learn more about the MASCAC service projects, click here.

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