Radiator ready to explode!

By Joe Aidonidis

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After months of preparation, Radiator Collective begins its documentary, directed by Mohamed El-Darwish. Radiator Collective is a collaborative of songs produced by individual bands but all the bands recycle that material in the form of covers or shared songs structures. This intimate system is the soul of the group; a brotherhood of musicians.

El-Darwish and his crew have been spending a great deal of time shooting a few primary interviews and contacting two dozen artists. “The idea for a documentary had been floating around for years and I’m honored to help make that a reality,” El-Darwish says. The film promotes the alternative music production and lifestyles adopted by the members of The Collective and right now things are in full swing.

“The entire Collective has been coming together to make it happen,” says Director of Photography, Brandon William. “Making the documentary is actually bringing The Collective back together.” The production of the film has stirred up the members of The Collective so much that it has reunited them.

“We were originally using the film to tell the story of Radiator Collective and show its slow decay,” El-Darwish says, “but since, The Collective has been kind of reforming.” El-Darwish has already interviewed half a dozen artists from East Hampton, Ludlow, and Chicopee. Soon he will be making his way to Boston and other parts of the state.

Radiator is divided by North and South. The Southern part consists of musicians from Massachusetts. The northern part consists of musicians from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Northern sector has been showing its support for the project by sending music materials and hours of stock footage. As it stands, the documentary aims to be feature length.

“There’s so much going on, I think we’d miss out if we didn’t make it a feature film.” El-Darwish says. His hope is to spread an alternative music consciousness to others and to show people that music is available to everyone and that anyone can create it.