Focusing on the future

By Katie Blandin

Shannan Fields is working to turn her dream into reality. (photo courtesy

Every undergrad dreams of getting a job right out of college, and Shannan Fields is no exception. An undergrad studying marketing and film at Fitchburg State, Fields has her dream career in sight.  She’s focused on graduating in 2012, and her search for a job with an advertising agency is in full throttle.
Fields volunteers every chance she gets with WHC-TV, a public-access TV station in her hometown of West Hartford, Conn. She focuses on everything from working with film equipment to editing the different shows that are produced there.
“It’s really motivating,” Fields says. “The shows that they produce are great and it has definitely inspired and given me a ton of ideas about what I personally want to do when I get the chance to go big.”
Already ahead of the gang, Fields has started brainstorming a commercial idea she hopes to sell to an advertising agency. The details include both black-and-white and color effects throughout the commercial.
“All my ideas come from what I see on a day-to-day basis, from the simple little things I see at the studio, to the random talks I have with my sisters in Alpha Sigma Tau,” Fields says.
While busy working on her portfolio, Fields has her hands full looking for an agency near her home. “I really don’t know any agencies that are around where I live, so it makes it hard,” she says, “but I have been looking around.”
In high school, Fields was steadily involved in the theater club and was also an honor-roll student. Now nearing her graduation date, Fields is someone to look out for.