Students get graphic

Graphic illustration by Michelle Kerns

By Alexis Bean
Communications Media Professor Rob Carr’s document-design class at Fitchburg State University has made its own contribution to the exhibition “LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel,” on view through Jan. 1, 2012 at the Fitchburg Art Museum.
Fitchburg is the only New England stop for the mixed-media exhibit, which was organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum.
“LitGraphic” features over 200 original works of graphic-novel art from all over the world, including painting, drawings, photographs, and documentary film.
According to Jerry Beck, the museum’s director of marketing and community engagement, the exhibit “highlights the importance of graphic novel in today’s contemporary society by exploring a diversity of subject matters such as war and violence, love and sex, the whole range of the human condition.”
Beck, who is to thank for the FSU students’ opportunity, said he has been working with college students since his early 20s to promote inspirational non-traditional art.
The document-design students were asked to paint four 6-by-9-foot canvases using graphic novels as inspiration. Another aspect of the assignment was to feature a theme involving the Fitchburg Community.
Beck said he could not be more thrilled about Fitchburg State students’ involvement in the exhibition. Before working for Fitchburg Art Museum, Beck helped create a revolving art museum which travelled from public space to public space all over the country.
Beck said his goal in involving students in this project was to get them “re-energized, excited, learning … and the public to understand the transformation of art and the roles students and faculty and others can play in building an important dialogue in museum culture.”
As always, the museum entrance fee, normally $7, is waived for all Fitchburg State University students.