Take the Letterboxing Challenge

By Maxwell Wiater

There really is an art to letterboxing. (photo by Mtsofan)

The Point has created a new letterboxing contest to get our readers outside in the beautiful fall weather while putting some scavenging skills to the test.
Letterboxing is essentially a scavenger hunt. Participants (boxers) are given clues or directions to lead them to a particular area – in this case, a specific place on campus – to search for a box.
Secured within this weatherproof box is a stamp and ink pad, as well as a logbook. After finding the box, boxers record their completion of the challenge by collecting a copy of the stamp and writing down their names and the date in the logbook. There are multiple boxes per course where additional clues, locations, and stamps can be found.
What’s great about letterboxing is how simple it is to start. All that’s needed are the clues for the boxes – that’s it.
The Point’s Letterboxing Challenge will consist of two letterboxes to be found in different areas of campus. A printable letterboxing form will supply the clues and also provide space to copy the stamps. Logbooks and pencils will be provided in the box as well.
Results of the completed challenge will be posted to the Point’s Facebook page and main website. Those who complete both boxes, and have the stamps to prove it, will be entered to win their own letterboxing journal with which they can log other courses. Just upload a photo of your stamped letterboxing form to your Facebook and tag both yourself and the Point. Participants can also submit their stamped clue printouts at either letterbox. Five lucky people will be selected at random to win and will be notified at a later date. One of those five will also receive a $15 iTunes gift card courtesy of the Point.
Those interested in learning more about letterboxing should visit www.letterboxing.org and www.atlasquest.com. There are plenty of other courses off campus for those wanting a challenge and a lengthy excursion into nature.

The clues for the Point’s Letterboxing Challenge will go live on Tuesday, Oct. 11 and will run until winter break begins. Additionally, there will be a larger course coming in the spring 2010 semester. So keep your eyes peeled for more FSU letterboxing news.