Letterboxing clues are here

By Max Wiater
As promised, here are the clues for the Point’s first Letterboxing Challenge, a type of scavenger hunt that involves finding two letterboxes in different areas of campus.  For details, see the article “Take the Letterboxing Challenge,” posted in the Point on Oct. 7.
Before you begin today’s search, we suggest that you print this current post, with its clues and boxes, to serve as your official letterboxing form.
Letterbox No.1:
The centerpiece of this comfy little patio was donated by the class of 1996. Easily accessible by bridge, this spot is nestled between two buildings before opening up into the quad.
Though this modern-day sundial is the focal point, the stamp is located on the area’s outskirts. Perhaps the two brick planters contain more than soil and flora.
When you find this first stamp and the ink enclosed with it, use them to make an imprint in the square below:

The next thing to do is snap a photo of the stamped square; then upload that photo to Facebook, tag yourself and the Point, and get ready to reap letterboxing fame and fortune.
If you’d prefer a second, more low-tech and traditional option, simply leave the stamped form, with your name on it, in any of the letterboxes.  Just be sure to fold it up.
Letterbox No. 2:
The newest addition to our campus has a lot of sitting room. What used to be an old road is now a comfortable patio where students and faculty alike can relax and maybe get in a quick game of volleyball.
The second stamp is hidden in this large area, but be sure to focus your attention on lush greenery instead of the concrete monotony.
When you find this second stamp and the ink enclosed with it, use them to make an imprint in the square below, and follow the same procedure as for Letterbox No. 1, detailed above.
And please, be sure to close all letterboxes properly after use and hide them exactly where you found them. Thank you, and happy hunting.