Bored? Join the club

Fitchburg State Dance Club
The Dance Club is one of the most popular student groups on campus.

By Vyctoria Pantano
Are you sometimes bored on campus? There is much more to do than just twiddling your thumbs. You may not realize it, but Fitchburg State University offers over 60 clubs and organizations to get involved in. This means students have plenty of opportunities to get active, get involved, and become student leaders. 
So far this year, the Student Organization Committee has received four new constitutions: two from existing clubs that wish to be funded, and two from new clubs looking to be recognized on campus. 
“Starting a club is easy,” said Danielle Napolitano, vice president of the Student Government Association. “First you need to find 10 founding members as well as a faculty or staff advisor. Then you make a constitution and bring it to SOC. We help you make any changes so that your club can run effectively. Finally, the constitution is reviewed by the Student Government Association and approved by them. The dean reviews it, and that’s it – you have your club.”
Clubs on campus range from the Dance Club to Greek Life to the Asian Culture Society. One of the new constitutions that SOC reviewed was for a club called the Harry Potter Alliance, which plans to hold literacy events and raise environmental awareness.
“Special-interest clubs are the best way to meet people who have things in common with you,” Napolitano said.
 If students are interested in knowing what clubs are available, there’s a list in the Campus Life section of the Fitchburg State website.
“Everyone is welcome to come to club senate,” said Napolitano. Club Senate is a meeting for all club vice presidents to meet with the Student Government Association vice president and talk about what their club is doing.
Napolitano encourages students to get involved and become leaders.  “Starting off with four constitutions is a lot to deal with this early in my term as vice president, but I am excited to have started off on the right foot and I look forward to working with new and current clubs of campus.”