iPhone Apps: ridiculously useful, or just ridiculous?

By Cassie Johnson

To App or not to App? (photo credit by Bryan Maleszyk)

My original intentions with this article were to point out my opinion on how unnecessary and even ridiculous iPhone apps are.  At first I looked up some of these apps online and found a majority of them vulgar and silly.  Who honestly likes the “soothing” sounds of airport noises?  Apparently a lot of people do because there is an app for that.

 After discussing this with a friend of mine who owns an iPhone, she shed some light on the subject. She showed me plenty of very useful apps that provided quick convenience and even ones that were fun but suitable for anyone.

  • Mail – Link up all of your email accounts so that all your mail is sent to your phone.
  • Banking – Link up all of your bank accounts so that you can check on your money situation anywhere.
  • Google Maps – This app works just like a GPS that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for.
  • Bump Feature – Allows you to instantly pass an app of yours along to a friend.
  • Mixology – You list the type(s) of alcohol you have along with whatever beverages you have in your fridge.  Then it will tell you the best mixed drinks to concoct.
  • Urban Spoon – You choose the type of food you’re in the mood for and how much you‘re willing to pay for it.  It then gives you local options that are suitable to fit your dining needs.

Any phone that has internet can do a lot of these things too, but the iPhone’s technology makes it quick and simple. (Checking Facebook on my enV3 takes about five minutes!)

My friend stated she would never revert to any other phone after experiencing the ultimate convenience that apple has created. However, I stand my ground. There are many over the top apps that I’d like to touch upon.

One that I think falls on the line in between useful and ridiculous is an app called “Zombies, Run!”  It essentially helps train you for a zombie apocalypse, which I myself am convinced, is bound to happen. It is a game that keeps your mind busy but also teaches you a few things about survival.  A few more ridiculous apps I have found are:

  • Pocket Girlfriend – An app that gives you scandalous pictures of attractive women to choose from to be your pocket girlfriend.  Further options allow you to zoom, ask her something and get a cute response, or have her talk dirty to you.  It essentially turns your phone into a blow-up doll that you can talk to.
  • Coin Flip – I was pretty sure being in a situation that required a coin flip without a coin to flip was a rare occurrence, but apparently not for those who have the coin flip app!  Letting your technology make your decisions for you, doesn’t seem quite right to me.  I bet that’s how Skynet first started to take over the world.
  • Code Red – Helps you keep track of your girlfriends’ menstrual cycle, so you can attend to her mood properly.  However as soon as she finds out you have this app you’ll probably be in trouble.
  • iFart – Gives you about 20 different fart noises to choose from, and all have been named accordingly, such as: the brown mosquito, jack the ripper, and the sick dog.  It also has a timer on it if you need the perfect moment for it to rip.  As disgusting as this seems, the app managed to make around 10,000 dollars a day at just 99 cents a piece. Guess some bodily functions will never cease to cause laughter.

Whether or not the iPhone is excessive is something that lies in the beholder of the ‘i.’  You can use all sorts of apps for their convenience, play games, or even laugh at farting sounds like grade-schoolers.  Our world is becoming more and more technology driven with every new invention, especially phones.  I believe there is a good chance that eventually smart phones will be the only phones being produced, leaving us with our new world of apps.