Occupy Fitchburg

Occupy Fitchburg is part of the Occupy Wall Street, or OWS, movement
Local protesters have joined the Occupy movement. (photo courtesy Occupy Fitchburg)

By Kory Brownlee
Occupy Wall Street is the public’s cry for help during tough economic times we are facing. Protesters started in New York City and have reached over 100 cities nationwide, including the streets of Fitchburg.
Students at Fitchburg State University have joined the OWS movement with their own Occupy Fitchburg. They agree with OWS and want to reclaim America from the top 1 percent.
“Money is supposed to flow up to the bosses and CEOs, and trickle down to the lower classes through jobs and benefits,” said Jake Frost, FSU student and activist in occupy Fitchburg. The reason for Occupy Wall Street is to show the large flaw in our economy’s free market and how it has been abused. According to Frost, “The wealthy have stopped the trickle and hoard all of the wealth while the other 99 percent suffers.”
Occupy Fitchburg started with just three members and quadrupled in a week. With all groups of protestors throughout the country, the views of the middle and lower class can be heard.
“We agree with Occupy Wall Street and something must be done to prevent the growing distance between middle and upper class,” said Luke Tipper, a member of Occupy Fitchburg.
“The top 1 percent found loopholes to avoid paying taxes and outsourcing jobs for cheap labor and have put a toll on our nation’s economy,” said Tipper.
The major companies have merged and invested in high technology to maximize profit and minimize expenses. This caused thousands of jobs to be lost, Occupy protesters say.
“We know we are a small group, but we are now part of the solution,” Tipper said.
Occupy Wall Street started on Sept. 17 with an estimated 1,000 people participating. Since then, the Occupy movement has grown to over 70,000 people.
The Occupy Fitchburg movement meets Sundays on Main Street in Fitchburg.
Interested in joining the cause? Check out what the Occupy Fitchburg Movement is up to on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/300429946640038/