Ski club hits the slopes

ski club, wachusett mountain
Fitchburg State's new ski club is bringing skiers and riders to Wachusett Mountain this year. (photo by grendelkhan)

By Daniel Plonowski

There’s a new club that’s been recently created here at Fitchburg State University. After much consideration, the student government convened on Tuesday January 31st  to decide if the club could be considered legitimate and potentially receive funding from the school to operate.

“Anyone who skies or wants to learn will be able join as long as you’re a full time undergraduate student at FSU,” said the group’s creator and future president Carmen Bordonaro. Winter may be halfway over, but this is only the beginning of the club if it passes voting. “We eventually plan to go to more places next year and hopefully work out deals involving season passes,” Carmen expressed, “We’ll plan longer trips next year when the real fun begins.” If the club is successful, it will begin making group trips to ski and snowboard at Wachusett for the current school year.

To join the club, there will be a list of student organizations on the school website. From there you will be able to find the group leader’s information regarding email and you’ll be able to sign up by sending in an email.

Now that the club is passed, trips and transportation will be figured after the club gets a headcount of the amount of people that plan to participate in the group.  There are two possibilities regarding travels to the mountains so far. Depending on the amount of people that plan to venture with the club, they are opting to convoy through carpooling or taking a public bus. The bus travels from the Fitchburg MBTA Train Station located directly across from Fitchburg’s campus entrance and heads to Wachusett Mountain every weekend. However, ideal means of transportation for the club is more directed towards carpooling to prevent from being restricted towards leaving at a specific time, but if that doesn’t happen the bus is always a second viable option.

The group plans to eventually create longer trips to places like Sunapee and Waterville in the future, but for the upcoming year most trips are likely to occur at Wachusett.  There will be a push for deals such as daily discounts, and the more people in the group the less cost it will be for everyone to go overall. If it successfully passes, the club also plans to find deals about season passes for the next winter, so if you’re a skier or snowboarder and interested in a specific club dedicated to skiing and snowboarding, then this is the group for you.

If you’re interested on how to create your own club or organization instructions can be found on the university’s website in the “How to Start a New Student Club or Organization” section under the “Campus Life” tab. Membership is open for anyone.