Fitchburg's Fay Club

The Fay Club

By Ashley Green
Have you ever wondered where interesting people like Fitchburg State University President Robert Antonucci, Fitchburg Mayor Lisa Wong, and Massachusetts State Sen. Scott Brown go to enjoy dinner and conversation? Well, one place is the Fay Club on Main Street in Fitchburg, a private dinner club that boasts around 300 members from all walks of life: lawyers, local business owners, teachers, politicians, and people of all ages.
It’s a beautiful, extravagant building that’s part of the history of Fitchburg, which was established in 1764, according to Executive Chef Bill Bergeron.
“The Fay Club is a modernized gem in the center of town, possessing all the grandeur and prestige of days long passed,” Bergeron said. He noted that the elegance of the early 1900’s is perfectly captured in the building with its tall ceilings, ornate woodwork, and stained-glass windows.
With difficult financial times such as the Great Depression and now the current recession, it is a wonder that the Fay Club has managed to stay open. Leslie Piermarini, who has been a bartender at the club for over 16 years, said, “Times have changed. We’re struggling to stay alive, but we’re still here! It’s a great opportunity for the college to be getting involved with us as well now.”
She noted that President Antonucci is a member, and that the college’s employees and sometimes students have been present at functions held at the club. In an attempt to attract more members, the club now offers discounted membership of $500 per year to those under 40, as well as half-price trial memberships at just over $750 per year, so people can get a feel for the club before they commit to a full membership. It has been the host to many famous people throughout the years, such as Rose Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and astronaut Richard Gordon.
The Fay Club has three floors, six bedrooms, multiple kitchens and dining rooms, as well as a library and extensive wine cellar. The Fay Club is a true testament to the elegance of the past, while striving to be an asset to the future of Fitchburg.