Commuter Café: Word on the street

Now that the new Commuter Café has officially opened its doors, how do people on campus feel about it? Has it lived up to the hype? Is it worth spending more time there? We asked, they answered:
“I feel like I’m in an Ivy League school.”
– Chris Hebert
“We needed something like this [on campus].”
– Mike Proietti
“Let’s put it this way: Yesterday Dawn [Subway station employee] had to bake 500 loaves of bread and ran out. It was amazing.”
– Sherry, Commuter Café employee
“I would rather eat here than Holmes.”
– Josh Whipple
“Sometimes I think Holmes isn’t up to snuff with what students want, or quality-wise. I’d rather eat at Commuter Cafe.”
– Ebony Schuerman