More work, less play during spring break

By Rebekka Farquharson and Cam Roper

Student Tom Doyle spending his time off with a coffee, computer, and television. (Photo by Kenny Kelly)

When you think of college students on spring break, you might picture drunken kids next to a pool in Miami. An informal survey paints a different picture of students at Fitchburg State, however about 70 percent said they do not even travel during the school year.
Of the students surveyed, 50 percent said they spend their vacation working the entire time; most work up to 20 hours a week.
“I don’t have enough money,” said Bradley Maravalli, explaining why he won’t travel during the school year. “I’d rather spend money on something … [like a] guitar, because I don’t have the extra cash.”
Many students stay put during spring break to fill their wallets and spend quality time with their families. The break also gives students time to catch up on sleep, write papers and see old high-school friends.
“I need to work during spring break so I have some money when I go back to school,” said Bruce Brown.
For the students who do go away on spring break, it’s a time to get away and enjoy themselves. “I go to classes and then head right to work most days. Spring break is my time to have fun,” said Ricky Sheehan.
Half of the students who do travel said they pay for their vacation themselves; the other half said their vacations are paid for by their parents.
Television shows, such as MTV’s “Spring Break,” give the illusion that college kids spend their vacation drinking, partying, and being wild. Contrary to that, most Fitchburg State students spend their vacations at home, either working or relaxing with their friends and family.