Nightlife shines at Destarè


By Mia Ferazzi
The most enjoyable meals aren’t just about the food; they’re also about the company, and in some instances, a sense of common purpose. Such is the case at Destarè. Cool drinks, an entertaining, yet relaxing atmosphere, and delicious tapas are all available here.

Destarè is located on 320 Main St. in Fitchburg, and is mainly a martini bar with Italian cuisine. The restaurant is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Destarè is closed to the public on Sundays and Mondays, but is available for private-party bookings in its elegant 320 Room, which offers seating for 70 guests and includes a private bartender. This feature was created to host parties headache-free.
During the week, Destarè hosts special events ranging from musical entertainment to comedians and alcohol tastings. 
Destarè’s slogan is “bring on the night,” and that is exactly the goal of this funky, upscale place to gather. The restaurant’s location starts the guest off with an extensive amount of nearby parking. As soon as customers walk inside, they are greeted by a bartender or hostess who boasts a big smile. Guests are allowed to sit just about anywhere they like – of course, window seats are best. The seating consists of comfortable lounge chairs, couches, and bar stools around high-top tables, all in warm color tones. Once settled, the guest may be overwhelmed by the 50 different options of martinis paired with an extensive light-fare menu.

Starting with the $9 Strawberry Cheesecake Martini and $10 Funky Monkey Martini, my guest and I took in the atmosphere and aroma. We felt calm and relaxed, yet excited to be in this fun place with live jazz music in the background.

Next was our Artichoke Dip appetizer for $6. Two words: very greasy. The amount of grease and lack of chips to dip was frustrating. After eating it, we felt so unhealthy, we weren’t sure if we could go on to the main course.

A Chicken Broccoli Pesto Flatbread came next, for $6. One word: amazing! The crust was cooked to a crispy perfection and the middle was steaming and savory. After devouring the flatbread, we ordered two more martinis, Chunka Chunka Chocolate Martini for $7 and Hypnotiq Martini for $7. All four martinis were filled to the brim, and extremely strong in alcohol content, so it was a good thing we ate our entire meal. Over the last two martinis, we ordered a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake for $5.50. The total cost of our two-hour dining experience was $50.50.

The waitress was friendly, and service was quick. The price of our stay seemed reasonable; some might say it’s on the pricier side for the location and views, but it was an elegant change.

Destarè does accept reservations for parties of two to a hundred. Destarè also has a strict dress code, which includes: no work boots, no oversized necklaces or jewelry, no ripped apparel, no hooded apparel, no headwear, no sports jerseys, no long shirts and no tank tops. All guests must have the proper attitudes, or they will be asked to leave by one of the bouncers. All of these rules could scare some guests away, but the atmosphere is supposed to be entertaining, safe, and relaxing.

Overall, the dining experience at Destarè earned a “must visit” from the both of us. As a patron, you can tell the restaurant uses fresh ingredients in their food, a heavy pour with their drinks, all with a smile on their faces. It is a unique place to relax and enjoy the company of others. The Fitchburg area is lucky to have a bistro such as this one.