Riding a horse through college

By Kyle Anderson
Rachel Benoit seems like your typical Fitchburg State student. She is a sophomore majoring in English, with aspirations of becoming an author some day. She has taken nothing for granted, as she has had to hold a job since she was 12 years old. She has done this because Rachel’s true passion is much more expansive then studying English. She has owned a competition horse since she was 13 years old.
The time and care that go into taking care of a horse is a huge burden for anyone, let alone a college student. Rachel was even given the tough choice of living at home and commuting to Fitchburg State, which is within walking distance of her home, or sell her beloved horse Conner and go off do a different school and live a more “normal” life. She chose to stick with her passion, and is now going through the struggle of being a full time student, while working a full time job.
School is very important to Rachel’s family. Everyone has always been a great student, so that puts a lot of pressure on her to succeed. Even with all of this pressure and stress put upon her, she still manages to take it all in stride and handle everything accordingly. Her life is a great example of how much we take for granted there days. While other people are complaining because they have to work a 2 hour shift on a Thursday night, Rachel is living a life that not many other students would be able to do and it should inspire a lot of people to do more with their life.