Cow Plop raises cash

cow plop
Cows form the focus of a fundraising concept. (photo illustration by Royce Bair)

By Kyle Anderson
The fourth annual Cow Plop Drop event raised about $200, leading the Student Government Association to declare it a success.
Several other clubs and organizations were in attendance on the main quad as well to participate in this SGA-sponsored event, which was created by students Kareem Woods and Michelle Cree during their freshman year. 
“I don’t know who will take over after we leave, but we certainly would like this event to continue after we leave,” Woods said. “It’s a fun event and a lot of people come out for it.” Woods is a senior and has been an active member of SGA since the beginning of his freshman year.
Sixty-four raffle tickets were sold before the event, with numbers corresponding to grid squares that had been spray-painted on the quad before the start of the Cow Plop Drop.  According to the event rules, the person who bought the square on which the cow “plopped” would be the winner. If the cow “plop” hit more than one plot, the square with the most on it would be determined the winner.
The cow is donated free of charge each year by Eric Gregoire, who graduated in May 2011, and his father; they have said they plan to continue doing this in the future. Unfortunately, last year there was an issue with the cow – a young male named Linus – being unable to perform. This year, they brought in a female calf named Kristin to speed up the process.
The founders say they hope to make the event even better next year, with more events and raffles, in hopes of higher fundraising.