Do you have a vision?

By Ashley Morganelli
More than 50 selected works by communications media students will be on display when Fitchburg State University’s annual Visions exhibition is held on Wednesday, April 25.
Visions has a long tradition on campus since Helen Obermeyer-Simmons, a graphic design professor at FSU, organized the first exhibit along with another faculty member, Art Krauss, 30 years ago. “Visions has been the student honors exhibit of the communications media department since its inception in 1982,” Obermeyer-Simmons says. “The gallery exhibit has work in graphic design, photography and interactive media. Film and video is screened in Weston Auditorium following the opening of the gallery exhibit. The Visions Forum, usually held in Ellis White Lecture Hall, presents student research in communications.”
Visions is a tribute showcase that displays each year’s best, most unique and innovative student work in the communications media department. FSU staff, students, and members of the neighboring community eagerly attend this event every year. It includes an art gallery exposition, a seminar forum, and a film/video showing.
The process to bring Visions to life begins during spring break, when students submit their work to the department. Each category has its own jury, made up of several faculty members. Overall, the time spent judging the works takes anywhere from three to four hours. “The faculty tries to select a variety of types of work including illustration, publication design, package design, advertising and identity design” says Obermeyer-Simmons.
For those whose work is selected, the next step is to matte their work according to the jury’s specifications. Several days before the Visions opening, the students bring their pieces to the gallery to prepare them for viewing by the public. And while the students aren’t involved in the selection of the pieces, they – along with student gallery curators and faculty – help install the exhibit. “Faculty and staff from the film and video specialty organize the screening in Weston Auditorium,” Obermeyer-Simmons says. “Students are involved in creating publicity for the exhibit including posters, invitations, and program design.”