'Inside' Leominster Access Television

By Kevin Boudreau 

Leominster Mayor Dean Mazzarella

Leominster Access Television, the award-winning local-access channel for Leominster, is home to a wide variety of shows that cover a plethora of different subject matter. One of the most successful shows on LATV to date is Mayor Dean Mazzarella’s talk show, “Inside Leominster.”
But before “Inside Leominster” began broadcasting on LATV, it actually premiered in 1994. “It (‘Inside Leominster’) was originally run by Montachusett Cable,” says LATV Executive Director Carl Piermarini. In 2000, Piermarini says, Cable Vision bought out Montachusett Cable and then the Comcast Cable Network in turn bought out Cable Vision.
This posed a problem for ‘Inside Leominster’ because the Comcast Cable Network didn’t want to continue broadcasting the show. So, to solve the problem, Leominster Access Television, which was still in its infancy at the time, stepped in. It picked up “Inside Leominster” and began broadcasting the show on a weekly basis.
The rest was history. LATV now broadcasts “Inside Leominster” every Thursday night. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. and runs for one hour. And, as of the current date, LATV has produced more than 500 episodes of “Inside Leominster” in its facilities.
Dean Mazzarella, the host of “Inside Leominster” and mayor of the city, recalls that “the show started as an opportunity to get in touch with citizens of Leominster through a then (1994) new form of media, cable television, in order to let citizens of Leominster know about current events and news circulating around their city.”
Mazzarella believes that his original mission for “Inside Leominster” has been accomplished and continues to be accomplished every week he sits down on-set and hosts a new show.
“Inside Leominster” offers a way keep up with current events and news happenings in Leominster. Every week Mazzarella hosts a new set of guests who come to discuss a plethora of topics. Some guests who have come onto the show have played music, others have talked about different fundraisers happening in Leominster, and still other guests have discussed subjects including medicine, finance, and even politics.
For additional information about LATV or “Inside Leominster,” check LATV’s website at www.leominster.tv or call the LATV offices at (978)-537-7760.