Photography student makes a difference

Kyle Daudelin keeps his focus on photography. (photo by Kyle Daudelin)

By Andrew Pecukonis
If you could make a difference in the world, how would you do that? For a photographer like Kyle Daudelin who juggles various tasks, he uses his skill to reach out to others on how important each moment of life is. He shows flexibility and dedication to help out by taking pictures of events or supporting a boy to fight for his life.  

Daudelin is a young man who has his own business, goes to school, and does charity work.  He has his associate degree in Graphic Arts Technology with a concentration in Digital Photography from Springfield Technical Community College. Daudelin is currently attending Fitchburg State to perfect his skill in photography and earn his bachelor’s.

“[It] is quite stressful,” he says in regards to going to school two hours away from his hometown of Ludlow, Massachusetts and owning a business at the age of 21.

Yet he manages to find time to balance out his work and school life when a family member or person requires a photographer. He takes photos of weddings, senior portraits, and any other events that are demanded of him. On his own time, he does free-lance work, preferring to photograph artistic landscapes in black and white.

Even with all of this on his plate, one of his past times is taking pictures for the MassMutual Center, the home of the Springfield Falcons – the minor league team for the Columbus Blue Jackets of the National HockeyLeague. Daudelin does not get paid for his work but he says, “I do it for the connections. You have to get your name out there to be known and this is a great opportunity for me to do exactly that.” He was an intern for them and the team decided to keep him on staff – unpaid – to do the home games.

When questioned on what he wants to do once he earns his degree at Fitchburg Daudelin says, “I really want to teach. The professor at Springfield Technical Community College is in his middle 60’s and I want to take over his spot at the college.”

As for his business he says, “That will end up most likely being work that I do on the side for some extra money.”

On top of all of this he also does charity work.

“My most recent work has been centered on raising awareness and support for a 2 year old boy with Leukemia,” Daudelin says. “Landon just wants to be a normal boy, free from all the pain. His parents, unable to pay the bills, have relied on the generosity of strangers to keep their son alive. Each day is a blessing and I want to make sure Landon and his family have countless more.”

“Art is about reaching out to others. If I can make a difference in one boy’s life, I’m sure as hell going to do all I can to give him a fighting chance.” For more information or to make donations, log onto Facebook and search Offer Hope For Landon to help this young boy and his family.

If you would like Kyle to photograph your event, find him on Facebook (search his full name) or tweet him @Kdphotographe. His website is