The Commuter Cafe's singing cashier

By Rebecca Leonard

Commuter café worker, Sherry Walker (Photo by Tom Doyle)

Cashier or professional singer? How about both? Every commuter student who uses the commuter café has seen her, has spoken to her, maybe even laughed with her; however, not many people have really gotten to know her.
Sherry Walker, from Gardner, Mass., works in the commuter café and has worked there for almost twelve years. Sherry states that her favorite part of her job is the students and that she can even tell if  one of them is having a rough day. Even though she enjoys being a cashier, she says that she has always had a passion for singing. Sherry was once offered a record contract in Nashville, Tenn.
At a young age, Sherry had always wanted to become a singer. Singing was one of her hobbies and a huge talent of hers. Her favorite singer was miss “Lady Day” herself, Billie Holiday. Sherry’s mother, who had a huge influence on her as a child, was a strong woman and Sherry “got some of her attitude from her.” She says, she knew that with this attitude she would be able to become a professional singer.
Before Nashville, Sherry attended karaoke nights at what used to be Club Boston, where she used to work. She won contests there and these contests pushed her towards her professional singing career.
Sherry didn’t have any lessons or a vocal coach until after she began singing, when she knew she had a great talent. She sings a variety of music including jazz, blues, and country.  While in Nashville, Sherry made it on TV and when offered the record contract refused it. She decided that her family was more important to her.
There was a time when Sherry was going to join the navy. She heard they had an amazing choir and it would have given her the chance to sing, plus her mother had always wanted her to be in the Navy. However, she says she has sea sickness and doesn’t like boats.
Instead, she decided to stay home and have a family. She now has four children and one step son and these children have given her grandchildren. She says that she’s very proud of them.
Nowadays, Sherry can be found happily talking with college students while they buy their breakfasts or lunches. She has since changed her life goal from being a professional singer to earning a degree in Human Resources. Last year, on what she refers to being one of the happiest days of her life so far, Sherry received her associates degree.
“My number one desire is to help companies succeed as well as the employees succeed at the same time,” she says.
One of her hobbies and talents is that she likes to help people and she’s very good at it. Her friends say that she’s sensitive and caring which is why another of her desires is to always be there for someone if they need her.
One day, Sherry hopes to reach this new goal of hers and she seems like she’s on the right track. She has her family to support her and she says that her husband supports her 100 percent.