'The Suite': FSU’s own reality show

By Wanjiku Kungu

The Suite
Screenshot from an episode of “The Suite”

Fitchburg State University has some unique and entertaining characters on campus, but would one ever think they were reality show worthy? Well, student Anthony Bisceglia certainly thought so when he decided to record his friends and upload episodes of the “The Suite” on YouTube.

The “Office”-style show documents the everyday life of the guys in suite 820 of Mara 8 residence hall: Curtis Paige, Tony D’Annolfo, Nick Guido, Kendall Appleby, Steve Cimildoro, Bobby Grant, and Matt Viel. The first episode was published to YouTube in October 2012 and received over 700 views.

A film and video major, Bisceglia was inspired by “mockumentary”-type shows like “Parks and Recreation”. “I was wondering how it would be for a show to be about college kids and I started to film random things the suite did,” Bisceglia said. “It eventually became a YouTube idea after that.” He continued, “The show was geared to college kids and mostly our friends … Our hardcore friends were the ones that really watched it.”

When first asked to be a part of the show, the guys weren’t exactly enthusiastic about it. “I thought it was a joke. We were just doing funny stuff and recording it,” says Guido. “Because it was funny we got more into it.”

Within the cast, only Grant has some experience in acting, having been in some student films. The rest are novices but all display natural talent.  After watching some episodes myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that the guys of Suite 820 are definitely some entertaining characters. From their odd obsessions to the outrageous pranks they pull on each other, the guys play themselves but more exaggerated.

With a total of six episodes, the last titled “Farewell,” there are no plans for future episodes but there is the possibility of a short film “if the demand is high enough,” says Grant.

“I don’t think there is a demand,” Guido laughs.

The Suite is absolutely a show I recommend any Fitchburg State student to watch. It is apparent that Bisceglia put much time into editing the show and will one day be editing films for a living. His skills as well as the guys’ charming personalities make the show imaginatively funny, with each episode funnier than the last.

Link to Episode 1 of The Suite