The Ink Shop undergoes modifications

New title expected to replace this generic name. (photo credit: Jared Lakin)
New title expected to replace this generic name. (photo credit: Jared Lakin)

By Alana Perla

With a new year comes new changes to embrace and a local tattoo and piercing shop is ready to do just that. For six years the shop has been known as The Ink Shop, arguably one of the most popular tattoo parlors in the area, and this year, owner Andy Sansone felt it was time for something different. The shop, located at 206 Summer Street in Fitchburg, will soon take on a new identity as Fight or Flight Tattoo and Piercings.
The Ink Shop was already named when Sansone took ownership and was reluctant to change it.  Now, six years later, Sansone and his staff have made a reputable name for themselves and feel they are established enough to do things a little bit differently. “Fight or flight is scientific term for your body’s response,” says Sansone, “I know that fight can seem like a bad word, especially in an area like Fitchburg, but I want to change the meaning of the word into something else.” He explains that to him, fight or flight means “do it right or don’t do it” and embraces the need to “fight for everything in life.” He wants the name to be motivational and empowering to his customers.
“The name The Ink Shop is so generic; it’s like your local convenience store,” says Sansone. He is hoping the new name will add personality to the shop and represent what body modifications mean to him and his staff.
“We have our loyal customers; I don’t think people are going to stop coming here because the name is different,” he adds. Although there are several tattoo shops around, The Ink Shop is one of the most well known. Even Fitchburg State students coming from far distances have discovered The Ink Shop just from living in the area and asking around to find a trustworthy tattoo and piercing shop. “We’re driven for the customer,” Sansone explains, ”It’s all about making the customer as comfortable as possible.” They seem to be doing just that because people continue recommending and returning.
Other small renovations to the shop are planned to take place in the near future. Along with all new graphics to go with the new name, they will be adding new signs, display cases, and a larger selection of jewelry. “It’s awesome because as of right now we’ve only had a small amount of jewelry,” says Sansone. Now they finally have the opportunity to have more of a variety, which is something many people have wanted to see for a while.
It seems perfect really; a body mod shop is getting its own new modifications. With today’s economy, business can be rough but The Ink Shop continues to thrive. They currently offer $10 off any basic piercing to Fitchburg State students presenting their One Cards.
Body modification is permanent and is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. “Tattoos are for yourself,” Sansone says, “All tattoo shops are not created equal … you have to go to the shop and check it out on your own.”