The Point throughout the years

The current staff of the point.
The current staff of the Point at Fitchburg State

By Nooshig Varjabedian

The beloved newspaper of Fitchburg State, “The Point,” has been around for quite some time now, publishing issues since 1997. But that is not where Fitchburg State’s newspaper originated from.

Staff members work to edit stories for the Point.

Beginning in 1916, the paper has technically been around for 97 years, starting with the label “Normal News”. A total of 16 different titles have been used for the school newspaper since, with “The Point” lasting the longest, an overall of 16 years. Each title ranges so differently some lasted for a few issues while others lasted for a semester or more. From 1916 until 2009, the newspaper had been paper issued until technology took over and “The Point” went online. Here is a list of the issues published at Fitchburg State, and all the various titles it has been through:
–      Normal News, 1916
–      State Norma-Lite, 1923-1926
–      The Normal Record, 1928-1931
–      College Courier, 1932-1934
–      The Gavel/FTC Variety, 1934/35
–      The Hickory Stick, 1936-1936
–      The Stick, 1936-1945
–      The Twig, 1946
–      The Stick 1947-1955
–      Kampus Vue, 1955-1969
–      The Cycle, 1969-1974
–      Recycle, Nov. 1974
–      Icicle, Dec. 1974
–      Rhetoric, 1975-1981/82
–      The Fitchburg Strobe 1981/82-1983
–      The Strobe, 1983-1997
–      The Point, 1997-Present
Photos by Nicole Rollo.