WXPL hosts a spring concert

By Rob Roy

After making a glorious return in 2007, WXPL has been full speed ahead as the radio station looks to take back its rightful place as one of Fitchburg State’s most well-known organizations. Student Government Association, Fitchburg Activities Board, and Gay-Straight Alliance are a just few that WXPL is aiming to be up there with. While GSA has their annual drag show and FAB hosts their annual spring week, you might be asking, what exactly does WXPL provide us?

Shelby Tozier, event coordinator of WXPL, and the concert committee are pleased to announce that there are more concerts in the works. The radio station will be hosting an event taking place on Thursday, April 25 in the Holmes Dining Hall. “These concerts really bring out what the alumni of the 80’s remember WXPL to be like; fun, edgy, and the DJs putting in tons of effort,” Tozier said.

This concert features Tester, a hard rock band from Framingham, Mass. who opened for Kiss back in 2010 at Mohegan Sun. John O’Brien, a junior here at Fitchburg State and a member of the concert committee, has a close and personal relation to Tester. “My dad was the one who introduced me to them last year. Since then I’ve been obsessed. They are just so much fun to be around, it’s nothing but smiles when you’re with them. They put on the most entertaining shows you could possibly hope to go to. Just from who they are and their personalities, you just can’t wait to go to the next show.”

“WXPL has spent the last few years as somewhat of a quiet organization. I’m really interested in turning it into one of the major clubs on campus,” Tozier commented. WXPL also has a ‘Hipster Pageant’ that will be taking place this coming week on April 12.

WXPL is looking to make a name for itself by supplying the Fitchburg State community with a whole range of music to enjoy and now are looking to provide even more entertainment more events and another concert for the campus to look forward to. WXPL’s current goal is to get people to say: “Hey! When’s the next concert you guys will be hosting?” For now, the WXPL crew and concert committee are busy with getting everything set to be put in motion later this month. Tune in to 91.3 FM and follow their Facebook page for more upcoming events.