New SGA VP has big plans

By RobVater

Dave Robinson

The Fitchburg State Student Government Association rules all student clubs and organizations – which means their decisions affect all of us. Newly-elected SGA Vice President David Robinson is ready to take on the challenge and make some changes.
“I’m very excited to get started with this new position,” Robinson says.
Robinson, an education major, was inducted on April 16 as Student Government Association Vice President and is now entering his first semester as the VP. As vice president, he is the head of club senate, a bi-monthly meeting of all campus club and organization vice presidents.
Robinson is entering the semester with a strong foundation and with plenty of new ideas for club senate. At the moment he has no firm plans for advancing his SGA career. However, Robinson has said he will remain in the organization in the years to come, “if elected, that is.”
According to Robinson, the reason he ran for this position was to become the “point-person” for all the clubs and organizations on campus. Robinson wishes to be the support for all clubs on campus. “I would like to try and bring clubs together and I hope to have them collaborate more on events,” he says.
Robinson ran for the position of Vice President against Nick Smith, who at the time was the Vice President of the class of 2011. A debate was held to allow the opponents to explain their ideas for the future of clubs and organizations next year. Smith proposed his idea of branching out to sister schools and seeing what clubs work for them. “Instead of students bringing clubs to SGA, we bring the clubs to the students,” said Smith.
Robinson disagreed. ”It’s a great idea if it would work,” said Robinson. “We can push ideas on people as much as we want, but what we need to do is support the clubs.” After a week of voting by students, Robinson was elected.
Before being elected as VP, Robinson was the class of 2013 Secretary as well as the head of the Recruitment and Retainment Goal Committee. He has organized events such as “Free Food for Friends,” where students who were not a part of SGA could come to meetings and receive free food along with raffles and prizes. Robinson also organized the “Club Senate Social,” an event where all clubs were invited to the gameroom to socialize and to fill out surveys offering feedback on how the SGA could help their club. Robinson was very pleased with these events. “These two events along with the Class of 2013 were extremely successful this past year, and are evidence of my leadership abilities,” says Robinson.
As the new Vice President and an important figure to all student clubs and organizations, Robinson offers this advice to all students: “You should join a club to reap the benefits, or just attend as many events as you can!”