Rubix Kube: back to the '80s

rubixBy Joseph Ross
It has probably been hard to avoid all the posters around campus showcasing the band Rubix Kube, with their flashy over-the-top outfits straight out of the ‘80s. If somehow you have missed them, you might want to take notice. Rubix Kube will take the stage at 8 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 28, in the Recreation Center here on campus, and the band is ready to take us all on a trip back to the ‘80s.
Their show here at Fitchburg State marks just one of their many stops on a tour around the world.  “Just a month ago we played with Bret Michaels in Times Square, New York City, and this summer we opened for the legendary band Chicago,” said frontwoman Cherie Martorana. They have even played with M.C. Hammer, she said.
It seems to be all about having fun, as the band members show their style with crazy, over-the-top outfits that match their crazy, energetic personalities. Martorana said she goes through 13 outfit changes per show to match the styles of the songs they are playing.
And they play quite a range of songs, from AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” to Devo’s “Whip It” to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”  According to Martorana, “’Under Pressure’ by Queen and David Bowie is probably the band’s favorite song to play together.”
Martorana is the band’s only Boston native and she says that compared to the rest of them, she was a “late bloomer because I actually had a long business career before I was in the band and I didn’t really expect this all to happen all of a sudden.”
Her singing career has actually started rather recently, she said. “I’m actually in a band called The Little Death, it’s actually the first band I’ve ever been in,” she said. During that business career she started to sing in rock clubs in New York, she said, and the one and only Moby saw her there and asked her to sing with him in The Little Death.
When it comes to the other band members, they all had very different lives as well.  Scott Lovelady, the male lead vocalist, used have all sorts of strange jobs such as working with animatronics, medieval armory, sound design, songwriting, and acting.  Steve Brown, the lead guitarist, used to play for the band Trixter. John LaSpina, the drummer, was the actually the one who originally wanted to get everyone together to start an ‘80’s band. He contacted them back in 2007 and they jumped on the bandwagon.
Martorana said that as they were trying to think of a name for the band, “John kept thinking of the Rubik’s Cube and kept seeing it all over the place and took it as a sign, and it’s an iconic figure of the ‘80s and also the it has six sides and there are six members of the band.”