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Board games and baked goods for a cause

By Samantha McManus

“This year we are hoping to raise closer to $500,” said Allyson Gnoza cheerfully when asked about Alpha Sigma Tau’s Board-Game-A-Thon held every year during the fall semester. Allyson claimed last year they raised around $200 but this year they are planning on raising much more.

A common fact about sororities is that they are involved in many different philanthropies and one of their goals is to raise money and awareness for them. Allyson, a sorority member from Alpha Sigma Tau, one of the three sororities on campus, told us about an exciting upcoming philanthropy event of theirs.

As the philanthropy chair for the organization, she has all the information you would need to know about the upcoming event. The fundraiser is a Board-Game-A-Thon in which the sisters and others play board games for 12 hours to raise money and awareness for Pine Mountain Settlement School.

They will be collecting donations for Pine Mountain while playing the games and also selling baked goods to help raise money. With your donation, you will receive a green ribbon to show your support.

When asked what the purpose of a Board-Game-A-Thon was, philanthropy chair Allyson Gnoza said, “We hope to help raise money to support Pine Mountain Settlement School and to help educate people on the environment.” The obvious question seems to be, what exactly is Pine Mountain Settle School?

“Well,” starts Allyson, “Once a school for underprivileged children, Pine Mountain Settlement School now provides one week opportunities to educate people on the importance of the environment and going green.” She added, “The school was originally the project of this guy from Kentucky named William Creech Sr., who was troubled by the area’s lack of educational opportunities and abundance of social problems.”

Since then, the well-being of this community has significantly improved and Pine Mountain Settlement School has changed with the times. Allyson states that, “Around 1930, many communities had elementary schools, but most did not offer educational opportunities for high school and beyond … the school encouraged students to develop their interests and talents in vocational and artistic fields.”

Twenty years after, it became a community elementary school, and began its focus on environmental education. It proved how adaptable the school was and how it could change based on what the community needed and what it needed it to be.

The school is located in Pine Mountain, Kentucky and starting in 1913 has educated students about the environment, art, and culture.Over 3,000 students come to Pine Mountain every year and attend day and week educational programs which often expose them to nature with outdoor classes.

Allyson suggested people might be interested in donating to Pine Mountain Settlement School because, “We all share the planets resources and we should support a school that promotes the protection of the environment so future generations have the same resources and a planet to live on.” If this sounds like a worthy cause to you, Allyson and the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau hope you’ll help out, “By donating and trying to implement ‘go green’ tactics in everyday life.”

Alpha Sigma Tau will also be posting “go green” tips on how to help the environment in your everyday life. Why the board games though? Allyson answers, “Since Pine Mountain Settlement school still primarily teaches younger children, something with lots of board games and fun just seemed to fit.”

The event will take place Tuesday Oct. 8 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. where you can donate, play some board games with the sisters, or buy some baked goods and support this eco-friendly cause.

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