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Halloween haunts for scare enthusiasts

By Megan Drummond

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast and looking for spooky fall activities, you’re in luck. Two must-go places this season include Witches Woods and Spooky World.  Throughout the month of October, these two haunted confines will be scaring those who attend.

These events are only open in the fall season. It’s kind of like a live play in which you are part of, being chased by morbid, gruesome creatures and souls.

Get ready! Spooky World has been open since September 27 and is just waiting to give you a scare. Spooky World’s goal is to be different each year in providing a newer and scarier experience to the people who attend. From Thursday through Sunday until November 26, you can go through six spooky attractions.

 Watch out for evil clowns, mutant freaks, corpses, zombies and other freakish characters that will be watching your every move, waiting to jump out at you or even chase you around the park.

“The actors and actresses did an immaculate job, they didn’t break character once,” says Bruce Vinal, an enthused participant.

Spooky World is located in Litchfield, New Hampshire. General admission is $29.99 on Thursdays and Sundays; Fridays and Saturdays it’s $34.99.

Witches Woods, in Westford, Massachusetts, is now also open as of October 4. From Thursday to Sunday throughout the month, those who dare can attend the haunted grounds. For $32 per person you get to walk through Castle Morbid, Nightmare Mansion, 3D Keeper’s Crypt and take a ride on the Haunted Hayride.

 As you lurk throughout the woods you may cross paths with zombies, spirits of the dead, werewolves, angry spirits, lumberjacks and many unknown creatures.

“Witches Woods scared me out of my skivvies. It was quite the adventurous night of frights, and I now have a true fear of chainsaws,” says Adelle Trainor, another enthused participant.

Both places are spook-tacular and set up in such a way that small groups go through the attractions one by one so the next group cannot suspect where the ghouls and spooks may be hid. Each house has its own theme and is very well thought out and decorated with objects such as coffins, chains, bloody walls, dim lights, cob webs, and the overall feeling of being in a rustic old haunted house. The outdoor attractions at both places contain chainsaws, smoke, zombies and souls of the dead.

The spooks are not allowed to touch any of the people going through the attractions and the chainsaws do not contain a blade. Despite this, the actors are incredibly sneaky and clever as a way to torment the event-goers. The more afraid someone is, the more likely they are to be followed by a creature who is ready to haunt.

My best advice? Look fearless. Also, do NOT run or the freakish creatures, along with their equally freakish friends, will follow you.

Only the brave should attend Spooky World and Witches Woods. You can expect many people to be screaming and running away from the haunted creatures and souls who lurk.


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