'In & Out of Love': a skateboarding documentary

‘In & Out of Love’ tells the story of two skateboarders

By Carmen Bordonaro

Fitchburg State’s annual advanced film video projects created by students in the communications department have taken a different turn this year. Film majors Kenneth Kelly, Ben Pflum and Connor Donovan are currently working on a documentary; straying away from the usual movie idea of most film majors. It is titled “In & Out of Love,” and follows the story of two Marshfield skateboarders who set out to skate at some of the most famous skate locations in the world.

So why did the group decide to go the route of a documentary instead of the standard movie as their final advanced project? Kelly explained there were two major reasons for the choice.

The first reason, according to Kelly, was that “the advanced film class was full and we did not have the option of signing up for the class, which kind of pushed us in this direction.”

The second reason, he said, was, “We all sort of have this passion for making documentaries, so in the end it worked out for the better.” As a side note, Kelly and fellow cinematographer Connor Donovan are both avid skateboarders, so they share a passion for the subject material.

Kelly said the subject of this documentary seemed a natural fit for them. “We all have some sort of connection to it, whether it is direct or indirect,” he said. Another member of the group, Ben Pflum, who has assumed the role of director, also has an extensive interest in action sports as well, being a longtime snowboarder.

The choice of locations was important in making the film, Kelly explained. “We visited a lot of famous skate spots throughout the city of Philadelphia, including Love Park, as well as locations in Marshfield and Boston,” he said. His intention is for the film to take the audience on an exciting ride, following in the footsteps of two Marshfield natives as they embark on a journey to skate some of the sweetest spots our country has to offer.

For more information regarding the documentary “In & Out of Love,” visit https://vimeo.com/benjaminpflum to see the latest film updates and the release date of the DVD.

There is still time to help support the project, too, by visiting http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/in-and-out-of-love. Here is where you have the access to contribute to the project and receive special incentives for your donations including stickers, t shirts and a special DVD/ Blu-ray package.