Life after Fitchburg State

By Samantha McManus

Do Fitchburg State University graduates do anything useful with their lives after college? Can someone from Fitchburg State become successful? Will any of us actually get that good job we want because of Fitchburg State? The answer to all these questions is a resounding yes. One success story that can give everyone some hope is that of Leah Bianchi who graduated last Spring.

Bianchi was a communications media major here at Fitchburg State. When the time came to start applying to internships, she sent her resume out to many companies, but the one that contacted her back was the “Late Show with David Letterman.” Bianchi applied by sending in a cover letter and resume to the head of HR. When accepted to go through the interview process, Bianchi went to New York City. The interview took a couple hours because Bianchi spoke with various department representatives, “…If anything it let me know what I was getting myself into. More importantly, it made me want the internship more,” said Bianchi. With such a big opportunity available, the stakes were high, but Bianchi scored the Letterman internship.

“I love it here,” Bianchi said. “I am so lucky to be working here every day and with such fabulous people. It’s a professional environment, but the people who work here are laid-back and drama-free. In the end everyone works together to reach one common goal: to make sure every episode is flawless and funny.” Not only does Bianchi get to work with these professionals in her dream job field, but this is not one of those internships where the interns are just getting coffee either.

For writer’s production, Bianchi helps look up footage for writer’s segments; whether it’s digging through Youtube, Google, or renting DVDs and finding just a moment of a scene. Bianchi also runs scripts and tapes between the writers and head writers. “…It’s great because I may do my duties here, but every department lets you go to their meetings and observe the different aspects of the show,” said Bianchi.

At David Letterman, Bianchi has many funny situations arise in her day to day working environment. Bianchi said, “Working on the writer’s floor means I hear a lot of jokes. I guess the funniest thing is when I had to look up a politician licking his lips for a segment. At this point, I was used to being asked to find interesting footage, but it was just hilarious to be watching clips and time stamping every moment.”

Bianchi is not only gaining valuable experience, but also establishing great connections in her field. “Not only have I made great connections with the interns, but with the staff. I can now honestly say I have professional connections all over the country, and great contacts at that,” said Bianchi.

An internship with David Letterman is certainly going to be a resume booster and should help to launch Bianchi into the career of her dreams. Bianchi said, “I have always wanted to work in the television industry. To just have an opportunity to have a career in this field would be the greatest. I just know that this internship is going to help me get there.”