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By Megan Drummond

With final exams nearing, students are starting to panic and having to resort to crunching in studying material for these crucial, cumulative exams.

Students are battling the urge to go to parties or to stay home and study. Everyone wants to see each other for that one last time and have a good night out, but in reality we are all here for one thing; to receive an education.

It is vital to finish the semester strong; a good grade on a final can either make or break a class grade. If going out and partying on your last weekend here means you do poorly on a final, it will result in a lower class GPA. Your GPA will be with you throughout your college career, so it might be more important to spend your last few weekends preparing for these exams.

Some students are already expecting hard exams, and starting to panic now. “Thanksgiving break was later than usual this year. When we came back it was like boom you have a week and a half left of classes… and finals start in two weeks” expressed Chelsea Deloge, a FSU nursing student.

With professors falling behind in classes, more information is pumped in classes in the last few weeks. The last few weeks are extremely stressful because the professors need to finish up a specific amount of material, even if there is not enough time.

Late nights are spent studying and trying to learn new material, while polishing up on the old facts from earlier in the semester. Not to mention the majority of students take five courses, which means finding time to prepare for each one.

The only thing students can do to try and prevent panic is to plan ahead. Students like Antonio Ruccitui, a biology student, are taking work off and making sure they have enough time. Ruccitui plans to study a little bit each night, but is still facing the extra burden of homework and assignments, “I’m stressed with all the work leading up to finals.”

Students can’t wait for the semester to be over, Kaitie Vinal, an accounting student sighed while saying “I just want it over, I need winter break.”

With the workload sitting heavy on each students’ back for the next few weeks, students like Deloge have a right to start panicking, “I have three finals in four days, including two projects and a paper due for my online class within the next two weeks. I need a 77 to pass all of my nursing classes.”

The end of the semester is pushing students to their limits, “It’s times like these when I really hate school and I wish I was a millionaire,” said Deloge. Even though we all want to see our friends one last time before break, it’s more important to remember we will be united in one month. There are only a few more classes left, and when finals are over we will be rewarded with a well-deserved winter break.


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