FSU's Anime Club: a hidden treasure

nycc2012_CO92039By Cassandra Bradbury
Within the bubble of Fitchburg State University lies a hidden jewel that some students may not know about.
This campus offers a wide variation of different clubs and after-class activities that any student enrolled here would love to take up on.
But there is one club that some students didn’t realize it existed or even was offered on the campus. As any geek and nerd would tell to their fellow classmates: join anime club.
For those students who have no idea of what anime is, it is Japan’s form and style of animation that has become extremely popular over the last few here in America.
In Ellis White Hall, located inside Hammond Hall, students can get away from all their tests and classes and can sit back, unwind, and watch some of their favorite cartoons not typically shown on American television stations today.
The anime club not only watches anime but they also take a good inside look at their world, analyzing each and every bit of the episodes being played that particular night. It is here where students can learn the secrets of what Japanese animation is all about.
In order to coordinate with student’s busy schedules of classes and work, the anime club’s meetings are held every Wednesday night from 6 to 9 pm. Even though this club is held mainly at night, many of the student’s say that this an appropriate time to hold any club meeting since it is then they can finally relax from a hard day.
The anime club also holds a number of various events to help entice others to join in on the fun. Every fall semester towards the start of classes, Fitchburg State University puts on a block party called “Rock the Block” where all the clubs come together to promote their clubs and activities to returning and incoming students and have a good time doing it.
The anime club really shined in attracting many of the student’s eyes in having almost 50 sign-ups by the end of that day.
This club, along with the help of the other clubs and organizations on campus, also throws their own gaming convention called “GameCon”. It is here where video game geeks and nerds come together to play many different games and battle it out in full-blown tournaments for spectacular prizes that the club gives out each year.
The anime club, here in Fitchburg, is truly a diamond in the ruff. This club will still continue to bring a new culture into the eyes of the students and will continue to be a successful club on campus at Fitchburg State University.