The Rise in Popularity of Anime

By Eric Tran There was a time when anime was a very niche thing. Like comic books, anime was seen as a very nerdy thing to be into, and people … Read More

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Surpasses 100 Million at Box Office Worldwide

By Eric Tran After twenty-four years fans were excited to see one of their favorite characters back on the big screen. According to Box Office Mojo, its domestic box office … Read More

GameCon, Then and Now

By Christian Buday GameCon is a convention that takes place here at Fitchburg State University every April. Students get together at the Recreation Center for an evening of fun. They … Read More

Game Corner: 5 Things in Pokemon You Did Not Catch

By Alexander R. Campbell The mysterious truck in “Pokemon” versions “(Fire)Red,” “Blue,” “Yellow” and “(Leaf)Green.” As you progress through the game, you eventually visit the S.S. Anne, docked south of Vermillion City … Read More

Nerd alert! Cosplay club coming soon

By Megan Freeman If you’ve ever dressed up for Halloween, you are probably already aware of what the upcoming Cosplay Club at Fitchburg State University will be all about. “Cosplaying … Read More

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