Game Corner: 5 Things in Pokemon You Did Not Catch

By Alexander R. Campbell

  1. The Game Corner- Pokemon pictureThe mysterious truck in “Pokemon” versions “(Fire)Red,” “Blue,” “Yellow” and “(Leaf)Green.” As you progress through the game, you eventually visit the S.S. Anne, docked south of Vermillion City for a needed progression item: the hidden move “cut.” However, upon entering the area, you might notice that there is water on either side of what appears to be surf-able, despite not having unlocked that ability in the game yet. In normal circumstances you won’t ever be able to because once you get “cut” you will not be allowed to return to the area. In truth you can actually “surf” here if you trade in a Pokemon from a friend’s game who knows cut, thus allowing you to bypass the area altogether until you can return with “surf.” Once you do that you can scroll the screen to the right to see a mysterious truck, whose existence is never mentioned in-game, and can only be found here, for there are no other vehicles in the game.
  1. The mysterious black void in Pokemon Platinum Take a stroll through right entrance of the Amity Square in Hearthome City. Charge up the stairs and enter the strange structure you see, which will seemingly randomly teleport you around the park, until you appear in an area with a woman and her Happiny (which she will tell you is a Happiny upon being spoken to so don’t worry if you don’t know which Pokemon it is.) Walk to the top leftmost square of ground you can access and you will see a mysterious black hole in the top left of the screen. Who knows secrets this darkness may hold? Perhaps it’s a portal to another dimension left out of the game, or maybe it’s the power of a Pokemon no one to date has ever seen before. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s just a graphical glitch that someone missed.
  1. The bicycle shop’s lie. As Pokemon veterans may recall from the various versions of the original games, as well as the remakes, upon arriving in Cerulean City the player finds a bike shop from which they may purchase a bike for exactly 1,000,000 units of in-game currency, which can be circumvented later on by presenting the shopkeeper with a voucher for a free one. What you probably didn’t know was that it’s not actually possible to purchase the bike normally, even if you are so possessed to waste so much of your time getting the funds.The reason being that the game actually caps the total amount of money you can have at one time at 999,999 units.
  1. The existence of Pokemon fusion. Specifically -NOT- evolution, as fusion can occur between any two Pokemon regardless of which form they are in or which species they belong to. A concept which has only come up a handful of times in series, notably not in the games at all, after Black 2 and White 2 that is, although it could be argued to be a different form. In an episode of first season of the animated series called “The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak,” a Blastoise and a Venasaur  combine to create a Venustoise. Similarly, in a manga chapter of “Pokemon Adventures,” a Moltres, a Zapdos, and an Articuno combine to form what was known at the ultra-powerful Thu-Fi-Zer.
  1. The hidden Rival Encounter in “Pokemon Emerald.” To be honest with you, dear reader, I have never seen this come up in any walkthrough or wiki. So if you want to confirm this for yourself then you’ll have to play the game. Please note that this ONLY occurs in “Pokemon Emerald.” Upon attempting to leave Rustboro City the PokeNav from Steven you will be stopped by your rival, Brendon or May, depending on which gender you chose at the start of the game. However, it possible to circumvent this encounter by this use of the special move Teleport, which you can obtain by catching an Abra, which you can be found on Route 116, which is, coincidentally, right next to Rustboro City (or you can trade one in from a friend’s game.). Teleport returns you to the last Pokemon Center you visited upon being used outside of battle. So if you set your Teleport point to the previous Center, at Petalburg City, before you defeat the Gym Leader of Rustboro City and set in motion a story event you cannot leave until after you have the PokeNav, then you can avoid the encounter with your rival in order to initiate an encounter with them at the next place you have to go, Mr. Briney’s Cottage, for a unique scene you will never see otherwise.