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Anime Convention returns to Boston

By Cassandra BradburyCosplay_Naruto_Anime_Expo

It finally happened: that big weekend of the 21st through the 23rd of March, when thousands upon thousands of anime otaku and award-winning costume makers will make their big return to the Hynes Convention Center, located within the Prudential Center, where the largest convention in the Northeast and the 7th largest anime convention in North America will take place: Anime Boston.

For all who may not know, anime is essentially the term for Japan’s version of animation and its unique cartoon-style on characters and design. Little did it know it would quickly become one of the biggest fandoms the world has ever seen.

Located in the heart of the Massachusetts capital of Boston and held every spring, this the one convention that any anime fan or any cosplayer, a fan who would dress up as their favorite character, live-action role player or any gamer looks forward to every year with its fun array of panels and events. It’s vast array of video games free to play, fun karaoke sessions, art shows, wide array of merchandise in the dealer’s room and home-made goodies in the artist alley make the event any anime fan’s dream. The biggest event is the Masquerade, a big show in which fellow fans can show off their creative skills in costume design and performances on stage.

This one convention has truly grown in size over the past few years since its inception back in 2003, when it was located in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and had over 4,000 people in its first attendance. Not bad for its first year!

And boy has it had its share of numerous attendees. As of last year’s convention in 2013, it had reached an attendance of over 20,000 and with this year’s convention being in its 11th year, there is sure to be some new, fun, and definitely grand events just waiting to happen.

But who exactly would be behind running this massive convention every year? Well it can never be just one person running the whole operation. It has to be a group who share the same love and passion of anime as much as the attendees themselves. They are called The New England Anime Society.

This unique group, that is based right here in Massachusetts, is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to further the American understanding of Japanese culture, whether it is of written or visual media. They have been the founders and runners of this convention every year and put their very best into making sure the attendee’s experience is as fun and as exciting as it can be.

And it has! With its many planned out fun things to do like panels, social and cosplay gatherings, and its array of Japanese and American guests of honor, who work in the anime industry, who come out to this con every year, its no wonder why so many fans flock to this one convention every year.

Whether it would be the first or even the 11th time going, many fans and otaku are getting excited for the big weekend to come.

“I love going to AB every year! It’s my nerd Mardi Gras! I can always expect to have lots of fun when I go there…” says Diana Marie Milkey, a local anime otaku and cosplayer just getting ready for the big weekend.

“AB is not just a nerd gathering but a place where everyone can feel excepted. No one has to be treated badly because they like anime. We can all get along, make new friends, and just let loose!!!!!”

“I look forward to this weekend every year! I love seeing all the new events that they plan and the guests that come out just for this one con just makes our experience even better” says Josh Moon, another anime otaku fan who is preparing himself for the big weekend ahead.So if you’re in Boston this weekend and are looking for a great weekend of Japanese anime fun, then look no further. Because it is literally just around the corner.

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