Big summer preparations at Kimball Farm

IMG_4700By Cassandra Bradbury
With the summer season fast approaching, Kimball Farm, a local ice cream chain with four different locations around the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area, are preparing to kick off their summer season with a bang.
With their big kickoff to the season beginning on Memorial Day weekend, the Kimball Farm crew is steadily working hard and fast to prepare for what is to come during this summer holiday.
Kimball Farm is known for having some of the most original flavors imaginable: from Peanut Butter Butterfinger to Chocolate Mint Oreo and even Coconut Almond Chip. There is a huge fan base for this local chain and many regulars will wait for months just to be there when Kimballs officially opens once again.
“We wait all year just to get their ice cream…” says an anonymous customer local to the area. “We’ll even count down the days on our calendar just so we can get there when they first open up.”
Kimball Farm takes pride in providing customers with great hospitality and customer service with a smile. The Kimball Farm crew plans out this one weekend months before the store opens and will strategically plan out how much ice cream they will need using the sales from previous Memorial Days.
Based on their records, the Kimball Farm crew decides what flavors were popular among the public and what new flavors could be made to supply the public’s interests. When this research is done the Kimball Farm crew makes sure that every single flavor put in their freezers is of the highest quality by doing a taste-test of each flavor.
“We make sure the customer is satisfied with every flavor we put out,” says Mary Beth, a manager of Kimball Farm.
“If one of our flavors isn’t right or as great as the rest, we simply don’t serve that can. This is how much we care for our customers”.
The Kimball Farm staff and crew are trained and prepared for the thousands of families that come by Kimballs every summer and are expected to give the best and fastest customer service possible.
“All we want is for the customer to be happy,” says Victoria, one of the supervisors at Kimball Farm. “We try our best to reduce the wait time for our customers. It can get pretty hectic, hot, and busy during the summer season but we all work together as a team to get the job done fast and right.”
With trucks coming in every morning, carrying gallons of the public’s favorite ice cream, in unison with the staff’s friendly and caring charm, this local chain is ready for what’s in store for the 2014 summer season.
So come on down to try a scoop and enjoy what the lovely Kimball Farm has to offer.
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