Spree day letter to students

As the last week of classes comes to an end we understand that students will gather to say good bye for the summer to friends as well as release some nervous energy before finals week.
This has unofficially occurred on “Spree Day”, an unsanctioned event held a week before commencement. Although this can be a joyous time, it can quickly turn sour by the actions of a few.
We ask first and for most that all students remember who they represent. As a group you represent a University that strives to prepare you for a future, and sincerely wants to see you succeed in life. As individuals you represent yourself and your family.
It is should be of no surprise how one bad judgment in the name of a good time can tarnish the name of both as well as have negative long term consequences.
We ask that you respect the residents of the neighborhood who work, have small children and worked hard to acquire what they have. They may be tolerant of the activities for part of the day, but that can change quickly if their rights and property are violated.
Kindergarten rules should apply, if it doesn’t belong to you, do not touch it.
When it is quiet time, be quiet. At the end of recess, everyone should go inside. Too many kids in a sand box is not as fun as you think. And above all treat others as you would want to be treated.
Contrary to popular belief alcoholic beverages are not a magic elixir that makes you cool or smarter; it is a “tasty” poison. A little can cloud your judgment and too much can kill. If you are of legal age, consume in moderation, if you are underage, do not consume, and if you are with someone who had too much seek medical attention by calling the police.
Even though you may think you are helping out a friend, you do not want to be responsible for their actions or health if they over drink. We will post signs and symptoms of alcohol poising on our Facebook page shortly, as well as the Massachusetts Social host law.
It has been a long year, but a good year. You as students have proven you can have a good time without being disruptive and destructive. We have seen our department and the student body work together, not against each other.
As our department strives to build a better partnership with the students, the university community and the city community we rely on you to do your part by acting responsibly. We will be having extra officers as well as additional officers from Massachusetts State Police and from the city to assist us in keeping you safe. We have also asked that Med Star post an ambulance in the college area in case the needs arise.
We all hope this extra coverage is not needed as like you, we do not enjoy writing papers, aka reports.
Enjoy the second Thursday of May and enjoy your summer break. And if you need us call us at 978-665-3111. On most Smartphones if you follow us on Facebook it gives you an option to dial our station from our page.
Officer 906