Take a tour in the new Science Center

science buildingBy Kevin Sweeney
Opened a year ago this month, the new and state of the art Science Center replaces the Condike Science Building, which dated back to 1963. Modernist architecture and updated technology inside and out complement to fulfill part of the university’s vision for a more refined, Apple store-like campus. As we know, its construction was a long time in the making, so look upon its glory and despair (or marvel — your choice):

science 9
Tall windows, tall views — and a pretty campus to justify each vantage

science 8
The new greens are offset by white paths — very dramatic

science 7
A lounging area to relax before class

science 6
It’s an open space, both horizontally and often vertically

science 5
Glass — reflecting a new you, perhaps

science 4
333 could be lucky. Double that and you double your luck!

science 3
Light beams in and shines on smooth, sleek surfaces

science 2
To days gone by. A tribute, as we move into the future