Looking for a good scare?

In the sleepy town of Leominster...
In the sleepy town of Leominster…

By Kayla Bernard
If you seek fear and enjoy walking through dark, forbidden woods filled with creatures just waiting to send spine-tingling jolts of adrenaline through your body, this may just be the attraction for you.
The Haunting of Barrett Park is an annual Halloween event put on by the city of Leominster, running this year on Oct. 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, and 25. The event features two main attractions: Terror in the Woods and Psycho Circus featuring The Klownz of Terror. Each year the event brings in around 2,500 guests. Admission is $10 and grants you access to both attractions at the event.
“Even though I’m pretty sure I did cry with terror at one point, I will always go back to The Haunting of Barrett Park,” said Nicole Gregory. “It is always the best 10 dollars I spend throughout the year.”
Terror in the Woods is the event’s biggest hit and is now in its 13th year. It is set within the dark, spooky woods of Barrett Park. Those who dare to embark on the trail through the woods are doomed to face ghosts, ghouls, and plenty of other creatures.
“The trail is my favorite part of Barrett and what brings me back each year. Since I was old enough, I have been coming back with a group of friends and taking our chances through the woods! We scream and jump and swear not to open our eyes because it can be horrifying, but it’s fun!” said Katy Shepherd. “It’s crazy that this is actually something the boring town of Leominster puts on.”
The Psycho Circus is a maze through the dark woods, with crazy clowns hiding around each corner. Wacko the Clown puts on a show with his many circus friends, and it’s suggested that if you have a fear of clowns, you shouldn’t go to this attraction.
Barrett Park suggests that children under 10 years old don’t attend this event. “This is a very scary, very loud attraction, with numerous haunted effects,” said the coordinators. “The scenes and scares are very realistic, and the actors are up close and personal, although no actors or props will touch you. Actors are instructed to scare each group of guests and will not back off regardless if someone is crying in your group!”
“At five years old, my daughter is a daredevil like her dad,” said Hector Rivera. “She loves to be scared, but if she were any other kid I definitely would not bring her to this. Even I get scared into nightmares sometimes. But don’t tell her that.”
For the younger crowd, the event also offers a children’s area for those not quite old enough to tackle the woods and maze. At only one dollar per child, kids are able to go through a small trick-or-treating area and participate in arts and crafts.
The Haunting of Barrett Park brings devoted goers each year. It has achieved many five-star reviews on the event’s Facebook page, as well as accumulating over 1,900 “likes” on the page. Success of the event is due to the event’s many sponsors, as well as the volunteers who help make the event possible. The event has many sponsors who work with the coordinators to keep the event going, including Lowes, Haunt World, and Halloween New England.
This is the last weekend to attend until next year! Check out their website- http://www.hauntingofbarrettpark.com/ And here’s a link to their facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Haunting-of-Barrett-Park/102725543127017