Tracking fall fashion trends

AutumnBlissBy Alex Hochstrasser
Leaves aren’t the only things changing with the seasons; fashion blogger Lindsay Tesoro is finding a few fall fashion trends happening in the Fitchburg area right now. “I’m seeing lots of neutral colors, dark greens, creams and browns paired with the more vibrant accents, like scarves and jackets in dark reds and oranges,” says Tesoro, “Flannels are very popular for both genders right now. For women I’m starting to see less of an interest in the long trench coat jackets, and more of a cropped jacket that’s good for layering.”
Autumn Bliss is the name of Tesoro’s fall fashion blog that she says just started as a class project based on her interests in fashion, “it was a multimedia project for my Intro to Professional Communications course with Rob Carr,” says Tesoro, a sophomore Film/Video and Professional Communications major at FSU, “I wanted to make something that would in part debut my interest in fashion photography and also showcase affordable fashion that I see around this campus and in town. It’s still in its early stages and I have a lot of work to do but I’ve got a lot of material to work with.”
Fall is also Tesoro’s favorite of all the seasons, making it an obvious point of focus for the blog, “Fall is definitely my favorite because I love flannels and sweaters,” says Tesoro, “I’m just more comfortable dressing warm than dressing down. I love to wear plain band T-shirts paired with a comfy flannel or cardigan. For more dressy occasions I love to wear muted patterned dresses paired with tights, legwarmers, a scarf and a warm jacket or sweater. Basically layering is my life and that’s why I love fall.”
Developing your own style of fashion can be a difficult task for some, but for others it may come more naturally over time or even in an instant realization. “I think it’s all about personality,” says Tesoro, “Fashion is a reflection of the person sporting the clothes and I think most people hone in on that and take advantage of it. Once we have a certain idea of who we are as people, we start projecting that into our personal fashion based on those we’d like to be compared to. For example, when I saw the music video for Paramore’s ‘That’s What You Get’, my 13-year-old-self fell in love with the way [the lead vocalist], Hayley Williams dressed. For the next 2 years I modeled my style after her. Although I’ve evolved from that stage of fashion in my life (gladly), I think I’ll always have some pop punk spunk in me. That’s just who I am.”
At the opposite end of the spectrum Tesoro also mentions the gradual changes that her own personal fashion choices have gone through while growing up, “As time progressed, I found myself making little changes almost subconsciously,” says Tesoro, “One day I discovered scarves and there, that’s an essential piece I added to my everyday wardrobe. Then another day I discovered that I really don’t look great in headbands, so that got discarded. Over time I found that I changed a lot, without really realizing it at all. That’s what I love about fashion, as we mold as people, our fashion does too.”
As for her blog, Tesoro plans to continue writing and photographing for new articles, “I’ve realized that this is definitely going to become a more long-term thing,” says Tesoro, “I’m thinking of extending it to be a more seasonal blog. Nothing too demanding because of my other course work but I definitely want to keep up with it.”
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