Spirituality panel

SpiritualityQuestionMarkBy Megan Freeman
“We want to give a chance for the campus to interact with faith in ways that maybe they haven’t considered”. Says campus ambassador Elizabeth Ceronia. The spirituality panel is being hosted by the Christian Fellowship on March 3rd at 6 pm in the Falcon Hub at Fitchburg State University.
According to the Christian Fellowship, one stereotype that they have had to face is the fact that science and religion aren’t mutually exclusive. To disprove this stereotype, the Christian Fellowship is holding a public panel, available to all students to attend. 
“I know so many people convinced that science and religion contradict, or that one disproves the other, but the two are very much together”. Says the spokesperson of the panel committee, Victoria George. “Our panelists have impressive credentials in their fields and are also believers. Students with any type of mindsets or beliefs can find our panel interesting and enlightening”.
“When it comes to science and faith, they are often depicted in opposition to each other; March 3rd will be a great opportunity for FSU students to ask question to some top notch scientists and come to their own conclusions!” Says Ceronia.
This event will bring these 3 panelists, each with their own credentials in their respective fields, together to talk about one thing they have in common: their faith.
“I think that students who believe that science can NOT be combined with faith will find [the panel] interesting as well. [The panelists] are incredible in their fields, with lots of success, but they do have faith in God,” Says Ceronia, “[The panelists] are all of the Christian faith. I’m sure they will each have a different take on things, but [they share the] same faith!”
There are 3 panelists featured at this event. Stephanie Lam, who is a Ph.D candidate in biochemistry, Dr. Jim Harper, with a Ph.D in biochemistry, and Dr. Kevin Wilson with a Ph.D in physics. All 3 panelists are at MIT.
“They will be speaking with us about their experiences with faith as scientists, and the relationship that science and faith may have.” Says Elisabeth Beverage, the vice president of Christian Fellowship.
The panel will include several pre-made questions for the panelists to answer, and then the floor will open for students to bring their own questions to the event. These 3 panelists were invited by Ceronia, who met two of them through her church in Boston. The third panelist was met through connections at MIT.
This is the second panel that the Christian Fellowship has hosted at Fitchburg State University.
“Last year’s event created a great opportunity for dialogue and for students to explore ideas they maybe hadn’t before. Hopefully this year’s panel will open those doors as well.” Says Beverage.
“We’d like an opportunity to get people thinking, or in some cases, re-thinking: faith in general, the Christian faith specifically and the role that faith can and does play in real life,” Says Ceronia, “We want to give a chance for the campus to interact with faith in ways that maybe they haven’t considered.”