Choffies Food Truck

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By Michael Nicholas “Boots” Osborne 
Have you ever been up late on a Friday or Saturday night and get the munchies, but are sick of getting Chinese food or pizza? Well, I have news for you– there is another option for students and adults alike to satisfy their hungers. Choffies is located right before Dairy Queen, if you’re heading from Main St., on River Street in Fitchburg, open around 11 pm into the late hours on Friday and Saturday nights.
This late night weekend food truck sells juicy steak & cheese grinders and salads with more than one bite chunks of steak smelted with generous amount of cheese and an Italian dressing sauce for eight bucks. They also sell burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, soda, water, and chips.
You generally drive in and park your car wherever you can find room, order, and wait patiently for your order to be finished. When it’s ready, they’ll point at your car, and if you’re parked way in the back, they’ll flash a laser pointer to attract your attention.
I personally have not heard anything bad about the place. Everyone who I have gone with has thought it delicious. On their Facebook page, Apry Codry says, “You have no idea what you’re missing out on. We love this food truck!!” Chris Tombley states, “The best steak sandwich, period! Perfect for the late night munchies or to fuel up after hitting the bars. Get two of them. You’ll know why when you reheat it for lunch the next day.”
If you ever feel the need to get something really delicious late at night on the weekend– then Choffies is happy to serve their delicious delights.