Humans of FSU: What sets you apart?

By Narra Georges
“Have you set any goals for yourself this year?”
humans of fsu pic 8 (1)“I have set quite a few goals for myself this semester. This is a semester of progress for me. I recently started playing the guitar so I hope to continue learning that and enrich my musical nature. I’m also the head of the a Capella group here on campus and we’re hosting our event, so I’m hoping that it goes well and everything goes smoothly. I’m hoping to see if I can pick up another job on campus because as inexpensive as Fitchburg State is, it is still thousands and thousands of dollars in the bank that is no longer there because of it.”
“What makes you different from the rest?”
“I find that I am different from the rest because forgiveness comes easy to me. I find that people are very very quick to hold onto grudges and don’t really work passed that or try to make amends with other people. I find that sometimes to a fault, I am very forgiving of other people and I like to give people the chances that they deserve.”
“What’s the best part about being a guy?”
“So…I think the best part about being a guy is having to kind of put on a show for girls. You know girls are often times the ones who get to make the choices. So guys have to put on their own façade or whatever they want to get girls interested. I kind of find fun in that and the chase. It’s fun to let people know who you are and knowing that you should be someone that they are interested in.”
“What’s your major?”
“I’m a Special Education major.”
“What’s the hardest part about being an Education major?”
“I think the hardest part about being in Education is learning all the tricks of the trade. There’s so many things that you would never be able to pick up if you didn’t go to that particular class and learn a specific trick about how to keep your class in line, or how to make a lesson plan fun, and making sure that all the kids will be involved in it. So it’s learning all of the intricacies of being a teacher before you even get a chance to go into the field.”
“What do you think is the hardest part of being an educator?”
“I think the hardest part about being an educator is having to do dozens of different jobs at once and for all sorts of different people. When you’re a teacher, you’re not just lecturing and giving out tests or things like that, you’re also these kids’ mentors, you’re their therapist sometimes, you’ll be running their clubs, and you’ll be staying after school to help them out. You do so many different jobs and you have to learn to love and care for 150 students every single year and find something unique about them as well as their strengths. I think that’s the hardest, but also the most rewarding part about being a teacher.”