Spoken Word nights at Chaibo

Jon Berglind, Production Editor for Detour Zine
Jon Berglind, Production Editor for Detour Zine

By Kate Domenichella
Are you looking for something that is fun to do and allows you to express yourself through spoken word? If so, consider attending Chaibo’s Spoken Word nights on Mondays at 7pm.
While the event is held at Chaibo, the man behind making it an event focused exclusively on spoken word is Jon Berglind. Berglind is the Production Editor for Detour Zine, and it is because of his involvement with the written word that he has chosen to put something together through spoken word.
I sat down with Berglind for an interview at Chaibo and asked him a few questions about spoken word and Detour Zine.
What is the point of spoken word? 
“The point of is it there is already Open Mic nights all over campus and at Chaibo on Friday at 7pm. There are no good open mics for spoken word exclusively. And what happens when there is no good open mic nights for spoken word is everyone shows up and doesn’t listen. They have respect for a good guitarist, or they will drink beer. I want a spoken word open mic where the purpose is for everyone to show up with something to read. Go up there and read something you’ve written, or a piece you enjoyed reading.”
“What do you do at spoken word?
“Come with something to read or something you’ve memorized.”
Is there any incentive for people who come to spoken word?
“You get to share your work with people. Hopefully for many it is the opportunity to network.”
Have you had a good turnout? 
“The open mic has only happened two weeks so far. The first week, only 2 people showed up. The second week, 7 people showed up. We all just sat around the table and read– we didn’t want to take over the whole place. We don’t want to do that until we get a big crowd here. It is going to become well-known if it keeps growing by the numbers it did the first two weeks.”
Do you have anything left to say about Chaibo’s Spoken Word/Open Mic nights?
“If you come here, I will give you a giant hug–If you ask for it. Or I’ll leave you alone, whichever you prefer!”
Whether you have a piece to read or you want to immerse yourself in spoken word– consider attending Chaibo’s Spoken Word events- Mondays at 7pm! There is great food, great drinks, and the opportunity to have yourself and your works be heard.