NXT Review

By Chris Withers
Sami Zayn comes out and basically cuts a promo for the next NXT special in May, saying how he’ll kick the ass of Kevin Owens. The reason that I bring this up? This episode is a bit dull. The opening bit with Sami Zayn is pretty much the same promo that he cut on Owens for their first match at Rival, which will probably be a great match just like that one, but it doesn’t change the fact that the story is the same, just with a slightly different detail in the NXT championship. Then the man-beast, Rhyno, came out and squashed some random dude. He started to cut a promo about going after Sami and the NXT championship, which is fine I guess, possibly leading to a Fatal 4-Way with Rhyno, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, and Owens? A little bit of a stretch but it’d be cool. Then to wrap up our ten minute long opening we see the promo for Dana Brooke who will debut in a few weeks.
Emma vs Bayley
Now we finally get a match at the 14 minute mark, one which is unfortunately slow and dull. It starts with both girls locking up and throwing, locking up and throwing, locking up, locking up, locking up. Both girls move so slowly, use so few moves in this match, compared to the Sasha Banks matches that we’ve seen in the past few weeks it unfortunately reminds me why Bayley isn’t quite ready to 20130626_NXT_Womens_Title_LIGHT_Cwear the gold.
Bayley does win, in the most dull way possible, with a reversed Emmamite Sandwich, no seriously, into a roll-up. Bayley is a good wrestler, hell I would even go so far as to say that she will be a great wrestler, but she needs an opponent that is just as good, if not better to give her the great matches that have caused her to capture the NXT universe’s hearts. Emma seems bored, possibly upset about being sent back to NXT, and therefore just isn’t giving the effort that Bayley needs to have that great match. Finally we see a promo for Becky Lynch, asking why she hasn’t had a singles title shot, probably because she’s not quite ready yet, and hopefully she’s going to feud with Bayley in the following weeks so that both women can improve and possibly get ready for their respective title opportunities.
Blake/Murphy vs Lucha Dragons
Excellent send-off match for the Lucha Dragons, who’re finally moving up to the RAW roster. Kalisto and Sin Cara have always been great at teamwork, a highlight from this match being a diving double clothesline from the second rope by Sin Cara while Kalisto holds the ropes open. Blake/Murphy have been impressing me lately for the same reason, they feel like an actual team, not just two people that are teaming up because they haven’t been in the title picture for awhile. The match of course ends with Blake/Murphy’s finishing maneuver Murphy hits a running Vertical Suplex, followed by a Frog Splash from Blake. Sami Zayn is backstage receiving an interview, only to be interrupted by Rhyno, who calls him out
Tye Dillinger vs Jason Jordan
Previously tag-team partners who seem to be separating, possibly interesting story in the future, but at the moment both of them have been perceived as jobbers for quite awhile so it’s going to take some time to get them over. Decent match, very involved amateur wrestling style in Jason Jordan who is probably the one that’ll actually be over.
Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami (2 out of 3 Falls)
Only truly excellent match on the card, hopefully the end of their feud so that they both can elevate themselves to a higher place on the card. Breeze locks Itami in the corner shouting “you’ll never beat me,” and hitting flying forearms. Itami hits a shotgun kick for the first fall, starting off strong but surprisingly enough it begins to fade as Breeze takes control. Yes Breeze is the winner, and very much in heel fashion stealing the second fall soon after the first. Breeze plays possum in the corner, pretending to be hurt while the ref holds Itami back, running in with a Beauty Shot, flying enziguiri, getting the second fall. Great continuation, both do excellent until Breeze starts throwing Beauty Shots all over the place, finally connecting with one, getting him the victory.
Lots of potential for the future, Becky Lynch will either begin a feud with Bayley or she’ll move right after Sasha and Bayley will go after Charlotte. Rhyno may go after Zayn, and we may be looking towards a Fatal 4-Way… hopefully.