The Struggle of the Boston Bruins

by: Kevin Sweeney

Bruins photo by Garrett Speed
The Bruins on the ice. “Garrett Speed”

Although we are very early in the 2015-2016 NHL season there is still something to be said about the Boston Bruins, they are struggling. Over this past offseason the Bruins did not do much in the free agency market and they lost one of their top defensemen, a young Doug Hamilton. One of the main concerns for this Bruins team coming into the season was in fact their defense and in the first three games there have been some glaring holes.
In three games the defense has allowed their opponents to score 18 goals, while only scoring 8 themselves. This year is a huge test for the Bruins’ coach, Claude Julien, who seems to be on some thin ice with the state of the current Bruins’ team. We are only three games into the season and there are already rumors circling around the league that two Bruins’ stars, Zedeno Chara and Brad Marchand, may be trade bait as we come closer to this year’s deadline.
Bruins photo by Dinur
On the ice and in the game “Dinur”

With all of the negative attention surrounding the team this year there has also been quite a bit of buzz about the B’s 19-year-old winger David Pasternak. Through the first three games Pasternak has 1 goal and 2 assists and there are very high hope for this youngster’s future with the team. With only three games being to small a sample size to tell the Bruins’ fate, we will see if Coach Claude Julien can turn things around with the personnel he has or if the team wants to look in a different direction moving forward.