English Studies Rally Returns for Year Four

By Micheal “Boots” Osborn
It’s about that time of the year, it’s getting cold out and Halloween is around the corner. At 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 22, Fitchburg State’s English studies department and Sigma Tau Delta are hosting the fourth annual English Studies Rally in the Miller Hall Oval.

english studies rally
Professor Urbanski talks at the third annual English Studies Rally (photo by Kisha Tracy)

There will be free books, food, and prizes. “I usually end up throwing candy at people – I don’t know why, it’s just become a tradition,” said Dr. Kisha Tracy, an English studies professor who is coordinating the event. “We’ll have different people there who do different things from the publications. We’ll talk about scholarships that are available this year. We’ll be talking about professional opportunities, especially for the professional writing people, graduate schools and that sort of thing.”
There will also be information about The Point and the English Club, and Route 2. There will also be a guest presenter – Heidi Fielder, a children’s book editor, writer, and freelancer. “She’s going to talk for a little while and people can ask her questions. She will be our keynote guest,” Tracy said.
Why go? “As you know with this campus there are a lot of commuters, there are a lot of people who work all the time, and so having opportunities to get together and meet the faculty and meet your people in the major and minor or have an interest in English studies is difficult sometimes and we sort of wanted to set the tone of the year by having a get together, getting to socialize, and have a good time.