American Horror Story on a Campus Near You

By Raeanne Mullet
American_Horror_StoryThe Countess, Iris, Donovan and Mr. March are just a few of the new characters on this season of “American Horror Story.” On October 7, 2015 the fifth season of “American Horror Story” aired on FX and it’s something that we’ve all been waiting for. “American Horror Story” is (obviously) a horror themed showed and is also described as an erotic thriller – which isn’t far fetched. This show has something for everyone, as long as you don’t get scared easily.
The gruesome season takes place in Hotel Cortez, which is located in Los Angeles, California. The location was inspired by Cecil Hotel, where murders and other strange things happened, such as a 21-year old woman gone missing and her body being found inside of a water supply tank on the roof. Hotel Cortez is home to all sorts of freaks and supernatural beings that come out to play when guests are sleeping, sort of like Cecil Hotel. You might even find someone (or something) lurking in your mattress or maybe a young phantom boy running down the halls. Whatever it may be, you won’t be expecting it.
Here are some details on this season (spoiler alert). The hotel was created in the 1920s by the sadistic Mr. March, which explains the random ending hallways and sketchy looking rooms. He built the hotel to torture and murder guests, go figure. He ends up committing suicide with the hotel’s maid after police find out what he has done. His spirit roams the hotel and occasionally wreaks havoc among guests. The maid’s ghost still cleans the hotel in the afterlife and has no problem with getting blood off of soiled bed sheets. Iris, the hotel manager, seems to be used to the strange things that occur in the hotel and only sticks around since her dear son Donovan lives in the hotel with the Countess, who is played by Lady Gaga. They are in a relationship, but it won’t last for long. Hypodermic Sally is a heroin junkie who also lives in the hotel. She likes to creep on guests and interact with them– but there’s a twist, she’s a ghost. Iris pushed her out of a window after she had let Donovan overdose. He was about to die then the Countess saved him by turning him into a vampire – yes. A vampire.
There is a detective who is currently staying at Hotel Cortez while working on a murder case, something that he’s been trying to finish ever since his son Holden went missing (who by the way is now a vampire, thanks to Gaga). He gets awoken during the night by Holden but can never figure out where he disappears. His wife thinks he’s crazy – that is, until she sees Holden at the hotel too. The Countess sees how much the wife loves Holden and decides to turn the wife into a vampire too, so she can be a caretaker for the other vampire children that the Countess has. (Things are getting strange right? I know.) But, I won’t spoil anymore for you, so you better watch it for yourself to find out what else happens this season.
This season is full off drama, as well as the other seasons of American Horror Story, so it’s no surprise. We also take a trip back to the house that was featured in the first season, which helps to keep the series tied together. We have experienced plenty of ghosts, murderers and other creepy beings throughout the past seasons, but this season takes the cake. This season of American Horror Story is interesting because it involves vampires – something we haven’t seen from this series before. Incorporating vampires into this series adds to the gore factor that the show usually has and adds drama. I totally recommend this show to anyone who needs a new series to get hooked on and trust me – you will be hooked.
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